Instructional Aide/ Clinic Aide Career Enhancement Program Apprenticeship Program
A series of career enhancement programs have been developed to allow the employees an opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their performance while receiving a financial incentive.  The improved skill base is not only a benefit to the employee, but the employer benefits as well by having a better trained employee that can provide a higher degree of service while realizing reduced training time and costs, improved communication and interpersonal relationships, and become more productive.


Participation in the program is voluntary.  The program basically consists of two major components - educational course work and on-the-job training (OJT).  Courses are provided through Valley Career and Technical Center and provided on-line.  On-the-job training is obtained through the work the employee performs while on the job and under the direction of their supervisor or classroom teacher while enrolled as an apprentice with the Virginia Department of Labor.  As an apprentice, employees will maintain a log book of their daily tasks while on the job (see link below to Work Processes).


There are three distinct levels of completion within the program.  An employee may choose to complete all three levels, or choose to complete only one or two levels.  Each level requires successful completion of certain pre-determined courses and a minimum of one or two years of related work experience (OJT).


An administrative committee has been formed to oversee the implementation and management of the Career Enhancement Program.  Questions regarding the program may be e-mailed to

Below are a series of links relative to the Career Enhancement program for Instructional Aides and Clinic Aides

Course Outline - Preschool Instructional Assistant (Excel format, 3/12/2013)
Work Processes - Level I (Clinic Aides)


Contact Information for the Career Enhancement Program / Apprenticeship Program for Instructional & Clinic Aides


ContactTelephone #e-mail
Career Enhancement / Apprenticeship Program Committee
Dr. Patricia Devitt, Director - Pupil
Mrs. Jane Wright, Curriculum Supervisor, Pre-K through Grade 2, Title
Dr. Doug Shifflett, Assistant Superintendent for   
Mr. Mark Lotts, Director - Business &
Mrs. Tina Helmick, Apprenticeship Representative, Virginia Department of Labor & Industry
Mr. Todd Cook, Apprenticeship Representative, Virginia Department of Labor &
Mr. Scott Gochenour, Related Instruction Coordinator, Valley Vocational-Technical



Frequently Asked Questions

Is the participation in the programs required?  No - the Career Enhancement programs for Instructional Assistants and Clinic Aides are voluntary.

What are the costs for taking the courses?  Currently, tuition for each on-line course (Ed2Go) is $99.  

Does the school division provide financial assistance?  Yes.  The School Board will reimburse support staff employees up to $75 per course for tuition costs (see Tuition Reimbursement Policy & Forms link above).  The tuition reimbursement is issued in a separate check and not combined with the employees' regular payroll check, and thus, the reimbursement is not subject to taxation.  Please note, employees must submit the
Request for Reimbursement form prior to taking a course in order to seek reimbursement following successful completion of the course.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can take in a year that the county will reimburse me for?  There is no limit to the number of classes support personnel can be reimbursed for in a year given that there are funds available in the School Board's Tuition Assistance account.

Is enrollment for all classes handled through Valley Career and Technical Center?  Yes.  Enrollment for on-line and on-campus courses is to be made through Valley Career and Technical Center. 

Do I access the online classes through the link found on the Augusta County Schools' webpage?  Yes.   The webpage provides a link to the Valley Career and Technical Center.  All on-line courses can be taken through this site. 

Can I choose my elective?
  Are there any requirements for the choice of the elective?  A request to take an elective is to be submitted to the program’s design committee for review.  The course is to be relevant to the employee’s job duties and responsibilities.  Requests may be submitted to

If I can complete all courses in a year and have previous experience, is it possible to get my raise for 2009-2010?  Yes.  Again, all course work must be completed as well as having a positive performance evaluation and approval from the employee’s supervisor.

May I withdraw from the program after enrolling?  Yes.  The program is voluntary, and employees may join or withdraw at any time. 

May I have an extension of time should I not complete a particular level within the specified time period?  Yes.  The employee must request the extension.  Generally, extension are granted up to one year.  A request for an extension should be e-mailed to

How will my pay be adjusted after completing the program?  Each program (Instructional Assistant and Clinic Aide program) is comprised of three distinct levels.  Pay will be adjusted once each level is successfully completed and contingent upon the employee's supervisor approval and positive performance evaluation.  Adjustments in pay will be effective upon the issuance of the employee's next annual contract.  The adjustment in pay is perpetual - in other words, once a particular level is completed, the associated indexing of one's salary will be in effect for the remainder of time the staff member is employed by Augusta County Schools.

I have worked for the school division for a number of years.  Can this experience be credited toward the required time of OJT (on-the-job) training?  Yes.  Levels I and II each require two years of practical work related experience; however, one year's credit may be granted for each level if the employee has worked in their related field for a period of time.

I have taken some of the course work previously.  Can I receive credit for these courses?  Yes.  If an employee has taken courses that are directly related to the courses outlined in the program, the following information will need to be submitted which will be reviewed by a committee to determine if courses listed under the educational requirements can be waived.  Generally, credit can be given if:

  • The course was taken within the last two years

  • Submission of the course syllabus and transcript is required
  • The number of instructional hours is reasonable in relation to the number of hours required by the program
  • The course content must be relevant.
  • All course related material should be submitted to Mrs. Jane Wright, Curriculum Supervisor.  

Why must I maintain a log book of my daily work processes?  All employees enrolled in an apprenticeship program will need to maintain a log book in which they record their daily work processes.  This is a mechanism by which the employee can verify the number of hours worked - which is a requirement in order to be enrolled in an apprenticeship program in Virginia.

Dates of Importance:

  • Effective April 1, 2009, there is no longer an "open enrollment period" for any apprenticeship program.  Employees may enroll in a program at any time.  If you are interested in the apprenticeship program for your area of employment, please contact your supervisor/director.

  • The deadline for completion of course work and/or competency testing for completion on an apprenticeship level in order for a salary adjustment in the upcoming year is April 15th.


Questions regarding the program may be e-mailed to "Employee Information"

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